Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Thank you for your kind comment, Lavender.  Anna is definitely an old soul. Since they began to talk, she and Cameron both have constantly surprised me with their depth of insight.  I had scraps of paper laying all around the house as they were growing up, where I had written down the amazing things they said.  I'm sure most mothers are enthralled with everything their children do, but I think those of us who were blessed with our children through adoption have a clearer understanding of what a true gift a child is.

When I look back at how hard we tried to conceive a child -- so many years of emotional pain with all the medical procedures.  I tried so hard to be in control, when actually God had a much better plan.  We were tested to our limit, and then rewarded with who we consider to be the two finest children on the planet!  That's part of the reason I wrote the book.  I want those who are traveling the heartbreaking journey of infertility to know that if they take a different path, they might just find the children of their dreams. 

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  1. It’s So Worth It
    I am in shock that my baby girl is preparing to promote to high school! We waited 20 years for her to be born, which seemed like an eternity, and now she’s racing toward finding her wings.

    Ever since the nurse gently put her into my arms in a very stressful delivery room, I have been in awe of her. This beautiful child with a gentle spirit has the unique ability to live in the moment, and appreciate things as they unfold. One day, just out of the blue, she told me she didn’t want to hurry and grow up. “I just want to enjoy being a kid, Mom.” We adults could take a lesson or two from her.

    Even though her brother is almost 21, navigating the teenage years with a girl is a whole heck of a lot different. The “girl drama” is new to me, I don’t remember having to deal with it when I was in school. But I do remember how painfully important it was to fit in exactly with your peers.

    Today is the day for 8th grade promotion pictures, and the flyer that was sent home said to wear a nice dress or blouse and promotion robes would be provided. (If you’re wearing a robe who cares what’s under it??) Wrong question. With almost a panicked look in her eyes, Anna informed me that ALL the girls had bought new dresses. Unfortunately, I got the memo two days ago and Anna doesn’t really wear dresses.

    But we were on a mission. I picked her up from school on Wednesday, luckily her “early out day,” and we went to the mall. For hours, we scoured all her favorite stores. Dress after dress, nothing suited her. Exhausted and defeated, we returned home to face homework and dinner. “We’ll go again tomorrow,” she declared.

    Knowing that tomorrow meant picking her up from school at 3:15, and picking her brother up from college at 4:15 wouldn’t leave us much time, I decided to take matters into my own hands. So Thursday morning I raced through the breakfast dishes and laundry, straightened up the house and dropped Daddy and brother off at the gym. Then I hit every store in the vicinity. Anna has her own unique style, but we’ve shopped enough that I thought I could help.
    Skipping lunch, I picked up brother and delivered him to school and dropped Dad off at home – just after I found a great dress, and just before picking her up. Long story short, she liked the dress but it wasn’t perfect so she still wanted to shop.
    We had 45 minutes.
    The closest store had a beautiful lacey, coral colored dress which she loved. Not her size. I asked customer service if they had more in the back. No. I ask the manager if we could have the one off the mannequin. Not her size. Frustrated and near tears, I bought her a fish burrito to lift her spirits as we raced to pick up Cameron. He was in a hurry to get home because friends were coming over, so we took him all the way home and then got in the 5 o’clock traffic to go back to the mall to continue our hunt. About an hour into our quest, she finally found a beautiful lacy, coral colored dress. In her size!

    Wearily, we bought it and headed home. It was after 6, and still not having eaten, I knew she had a persuasive essay due tomorrow, with which she needed my help, and the guys would be hungry for dinner. Guess I wouldn’t be seeing my favorite evening show. I was beat as we sat in traffic. At that very moment, Anna reached over and gently touched my arm. “You know, Mom,” she said softly. “It really means a lot to me that you went shopping for me by yourself today. Thank you. I really appreciate it. And I like the dress you bought. Now,” she smiled, “I just have to decide which dress to wear.”

    I'd do it all again tomorrow.

    Now, if only we can see it under the robe.