Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Thank you for your kind comment, Lavender.  Anna is definitely an old soul. Since they began to talk, she and Cameron both have constantly surprised me with their depth of insight.  I had scraps of paper laying all around the house as they were growing up, where I had written down the amazing things they said.  I'm sure most mothers are enthralled with everything their children do, but I think those of us who were blessed with our children through adoption have a clearer understanding of what a true gift a child is.

When I look back at how hard we tried to conceive a child -- so many years of emotional pain with all the medical procedures.  I tried so hard to be in control, when actually God had a much better plan.  We were tested to our limit, and then rewarded with who we consider to be the two finest children on the planet!  That's part of the reason I wrote the book.  I want those who are traveling the heartbreaking journey of infertility to know that if they take a different path, they might just find the children of their dreams. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011


It took me a month to write the book as memories flooded the pages.  Even though Cameron is almost 19, tears still flowed down my cheeks writing about his birth.  The kids accepted late dinners and little time with mom during this period, because I was "writing," but it wasn't until I was on the last chapter that 12 year-old Anna ask what the book was about.  Knowing that she and Cameron were the children of my dreams, and that they were both adopted at birth, I had told her a little bit more of the story each year around her birthday when she seemed to have the most questions. Now, with this question I tried to tell her about being in the delivery room waiting for her to be born.  Surprisingly, tears flooded my eyes and my voice cracked as I remembered my terror that her 16 year-old birth mother would change her mind.  I quickly stood up and adjusted the blinds on the window as a distraction while trying to gain my composure.  I don't think she's ever seen me cry.  "I'm sorry, honey," I apologized.  "I was just afraid of losing you."  "Mama, look at me," she said gently.  "It's okay.  I'm right here."

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Journey Through Infertility In Search of My Children

I just read on an article stating that a diagnosis of infertility has the same psychological effect as a diagnosis of cancer.  Apparently there are over 7 million of us in the US today suffering with this diagnosis.  My husband and I traveled the infertility path for 14 years, during which there were also stunning failed adoption attempts.  For me, the goal was to not let despair and heart wrenching pain overtake my life.  We now have the two most amazing children, an 18-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, both adopted at birth.  I just published an ebook titled A Journey Through Infertility In Search of My Children.  I don't focus on the pain but on the ways we coped, and how we tried to keep things in perspective. We started with the simplest treatments and ended with the most complex.  But God had His own plan.  We are all sisters in our heartbreak, but I want to give others hope in the divine way things can work out. It is a light-hearted, informative love story that will hopefully help others find their way on this arduous journey.

To order:  If you are using Kindle, click on   http://www.amazon.com/JOURNEY-THROUGH-INFERTILITY--Children-ebook/dp/B005BCOBZC/ref=sr_1_18?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310166942&sr=1-18

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